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IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture course

XIV 'th Veterinary Acupuncture course of IVAS in Belgium

This course is accredited by the
 Belgian (Flemish) Veterinary Board (N.G.R.O.D)
under number: N/2016/0130

for a total of:
 351 EBP - PFCC - CE hours, valid worldwide.

We are delighted to announce the start of our 14th IVAS course in Belgium organized by BEVAS.

IVAS stands for: "International Veterinary Acupuncture Society" ,

Our experience, organizing courses for the last 31 years in Belgium and 14 in Spain, has led to this NEW format, combining online theoretical classes and extensive onsite practical training on real patients.
Thus providing the optimal balance between teaching, learning and assimilation of the multiple and new concepts of TCM.

No prior knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is required to start the course.

For the first time we offer a split-track modality. The theoretical classes will be the same for all students,
but for the practical modules and the exams you will have the choice between  an Equine only track, a Canine only track,
or a classic track of both Equine and Canine.

The course material is designed by the IVAS organisation, while we have added several topics of interest to offer
a formation that is as complete as possible to ensure that you aquire a solid basis of veterinary acupuncture skills.

The course is open for VETERINARIANS only.
We also accept last year veterinary students.

Language of the course is: ENGLISH

The teaching staff consist of 7 veterinarians, all with extensive "field" experience as equine or small animal practitioners as a vet and acupuncturist and
all with many years of teaching experience aswell.
Let me introduce to you:

dr Emiel Vandenbosch, Belgium
dr Are Simeon Thoresen, Norway
dr Jim Skoien,Swizerland
dra Dolores Puertas Navarro, Spain
dra Luna Guttierez, Spain
dr Jorge Luque, Spain
dr Kati Vandenbosch, Belgium
dr Albert Snijders, Belgium

The  CV's of the teachers can be found and downloaded in attachment at the bottom of this page.



CV of Dr Emiel VandenBosch.docx38.79 KB
CV of Dr Dolores Puertas Navarro.docx39.58 KB
CV of Dr Albert Snijders.docx50.69 KB
CV of Dr Are Thoresen.doc123.5 KB
CV of Dr Jim Skoien.docx15.85 KB
CV of Dr Kati Van den Bosch.docx14.76 KB
CV of Dr Jorge Luque.pdf88.28 KB
CV Dr Luna Guttierez Cepeda message.docx12.89 KB