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Food Therapy in TCM, veterinary version

Food Therapy in TCM, veterinary version

Food therapy is one of the five branches of TCM, like Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Qi-Cong and Tui – Na.

By selecting dietary ingredients based on their energetic abilities, daily food can be a major help in treating diseases and assure a better quality of life for our patients.

In this course we will discover that preparing the right food for your patients is an extra tool in both healing- and maintaining health, and we will learn in this course not only how to design balanced diets, but we will also learn how to choose the optimal ingredients for specific pathologies, diseases, imbalances, based on the specific characteristics of each ingredient.

You will be amazed how effective (especially in small animals) these tailor made diets can be in sometimes difficult to treat cases, involving skin problems, renal failure, liver disorders, joint problems, etc., etc..



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