Acupuncture as a treatment for thoracolumbar hypersensitivity due to intermittent bilateral front limb lameness in a Border Collie

By Nathalie Catthoor DVM


A female Border Collie presented with front limb lameness in 2015 but the cause was never clearly diagnosed. The dog was treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and prolonged periods of strict rest without satisfactory result. She was withdrawn from agility after which the lameness disappeared and thoracolumbar hypersensitivity developed instead. Initially there were no radiographic lesions that explained these new complaints. Osteopathy was successful at first but she kept relapsing and the sessions became less satisfactory eventually resulting in no clinical effect at all. In 2020 new radiographs showed spondylosis between the thirteenth thoracic and the first lumbar vertebrae. Acupuncture sessions with weekly interval for one month brought significant relief. Prognosis is she will need follow up sessions for the rest of her life in order to sustain a good quality of life.


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