Acupuncture as a Treatment of Osteochondrodysplasia in a Scottish Fold cat

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Acupuncture was used to treat a cat with lameness because of an osteochondrodysplasia of both elbows.

Acupuncture therapy was used to successfully treat lameness due to osteochondrodysplasia of both elbows in a Scottish Fold cat. For a period of four weeks, dry needle therapy was used, 3 sessions in total. Gradually overall well-being and the limping symptoms improved, and the cat’s quality of life got much better. After three treatments we decided to go to four weekly intervals
for “maintenance”.

A one-year-old neutered male Scottish Fold house cat presented with chronic limping on both forelimbs. The cat was from a private person, and he has been with the current owner since he was three months old. He has never been an active cat compared to the other

He was first diagnosed with degenerative elbow dysplasia (both sides) in April 2023. No other symptoms were noticed, he was eating well, no vomiting or diarrhea, sleeping well but he was not playing like the other cat and sometimes he was showing some aggressive behaviour against the owner and the other cat, like he was frustrated aboutsomething.

He was lying sometimes isolated from the owner and showing some pain if he was moving too much. Non- Steroidal- Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) and a chondroprotector medication were tried out, providing very short relief. Lucifer came once in May to our clinic with a bad limp. At this time Librela was also used once but the owner wasn’t sure of the effectiveness.

After the last episode the owner came to me and asked for treatment with acupuncture.

Case Report Giulia Emma Pedroni

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