Acupuncture treatment for severe chronic blood loss in a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Jack a Rhodesian Ridgeback castrated male born 9 July 2009 was consulting me on 4 January 2019 for chronic oozing blood loss from the ears, anus, gingiva, eyes and toes. I saw Jack for the first time. Jack has been treated by two other veterinary practices for gastrointestinal problems that occurred early in his life. Jack has been treated with many antibiotics and anti-parasitic agents and corticosteroids. In the course of time, skin complaints such as itching, and skin infections developed. Again, many antibiotics were given for this and Jack started eating Royal Canin’s anallergenic food.1 As the result was not forthcoming, they ended up with me. Jack was first clinically examined by me. After that we took blood samples for organ failure and to map the white and red blood count. I performed skin scrapping to detect any kind of parasites. I asked about his diet of the past years. After that I performed three acupuncture treatments. I adapted his diet and used essential oils. The combination of these therapies has led to the ending of the bleeding and loose stools with rumbling and the lack of energy. A follow-up at 02/08/2019 indicated that there was still no remission. The veterinary clinics where Jack was treated are Weisteinder Clinic Aalsmeer and Anicura Clinic in Hoofddorp both in the Netherlands.

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