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Equine practical part
Small animal practical part
Equine practical part
Small animal practical part
Small animal practical part
Equine practical part
Equine practical part


We are a team of veterinarians with more than 25 years of experience in conventional veterinary medicine and about 30, 26 and 20 years ago we specialized in veterinary acupuncture, diplomated by I.V.A.S. (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society). We practice acupuncture in Horses and small animals on a daily basis.

In 1984 we (or more specific, dr Emiel VandenBosch) decided to offer a complete training in veterinary acupuncture, based on a training program designed by I.V.A.S. with several other added subjects, so that other veterinarians could learn this exiting and complementary form of treating pathologies.

It has been the first of its kind in Europe and the courses organized by B.E.V.A.S. (Belgian Veterinary Acupuncture Society), an European IVAS affiliate, have always been innovating ever since.

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Dr. Emiel VandenBosch
(president of B.E.V.A.S.)
Dr. Albert Snijders
(treasurer & secretary of B.E.V.A.S.)
Dolores Puertas Navarro
(course coordinator of B.E.V.A.S.)

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