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Dr. Are Thoresen

Curriculum Vitae

  • 1952 Born
  • 1971 Agricultural school
  • 1978-1980 Homöopatic education
  • 1972-1979 Veterinary highschool
  • 1980-1981 Human acupuncture education
  • 1989 Veterinary acupuncture diploma
  • 2000-2001 Veterinary Osteopatic education
  • 2002 Founded SSHH
  • 1984-2012 Cancer research

During Veterinary school I studied human homeopathy at Arcanum in Gothenborg, Sweden.

After Vet-school I practised 6 months in a country practise in western Norway, mostly cows and sheep.

In 1980 I started to study human acupuncture under Dr. Georg Bentze in Oslo, Norway.

In 1980 I also started to study Antroposophical medicine in a group of doctors situated at Vidaraasen in Norway.

I worked 3 years in northern Norway occupied mostly with food-hygiene, slaughter control and bacteriology. Besides this I took part in the general weekend-practise (working every 2-3 weekend), ran a 2 evenings a week small animal practise and finally a one evening a week human practise with acupuncture, anthroposophic medicine and homöopathy.

Since 1981 I run a holistic private practise with both horses, small animals as well as humans in Sandefjord, Norway.

I organised the first Scandinavian course in veterinary acupuncture 1988-89 in Oslo, and was also the main organiser of the 1993 world congress of veterinary acupuncture in Tromsö, Norway.

I organised and lectured as only lecturer in the first full IVAS-education for veterinary students in the world. This was held at the veterinary schook of Oslo in the years 1997-98.

I have published 26 articles (see under).

Local lectures, articles and courses are given in great number.

I have lectured at 5 International congresses.

In 1984 I started to treat cancer patients, both human and animals, and this practise resulted in the investigations described on www.sanare.no.

12 anti cancer peptides were found in the blood of patients after acupuncture treatment against cancer, and these 12 peptides are now patented.

2000 I studied veterinary equine osteopathy under DO Pascal Evrard, finished 2001.

2002 my x-wife (Annica) and I started “Scandinavian School of Holistic Horse- therapy” (SSHH), which have been very successful, and 200 students are under or have been graduated.

In 2004 I bought, together with my x-wife Annica, a farm. Here we opened in 2009, a private clinic for both humans, dogs and horses, plus a lecture room for the school, a total of 500 m2.

February 2011 I divorced Annica, moved from the farm, and reopened my old clinic in Sandefjord.


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  • I have written an extensive book on "Alternative/complementary veterinary medicine", which is printed in Norwegian and published in 1997. Second reversed edition was published in 2002. The book is translated and published in English, Italian, Spanish and German. It is currently in translation to Swedish and Russian.
  • Together with Annica Nygren Thoresen I have written an Atlas describing the acupuncture meridians and points in the horse. This book was published in Norwegian, Swedish and English in 2003.




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