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Chinese Herbal Course

Chinese Herbal Course

This course is suitable for Veterinarians who have accomplished an Acupuncture Course and have a broad grasp about TCM – Basic – Principals. Every module can be taken individually, but we recommend to provide a thorough TCM-Herbal Education to attend all of the planned 6 courses in 2020/2022. It will cover all the most important Organ-Patterns that you need to become an extraordinary TCM- Herbalist.

What you will learn

We will teach from the beginning of the course on four different levels:

  • Introduction to Single Herbs and their actions
  • Identifying the Pathological Patterns and How to make a clear TCM-Diagnosis and Treatment–Strategies
  • The safe use of Herbal Formulas
  • Cases, theoretical and practical
In this last level we invite all students to contribute actively, so we can bring this course to its highest excellence. This Teaching Approach has the big advantage that it provides you with the necessary knowledge to start using the Herbal Formulas right away and safely in your animal Practice.

Speaker: Dr. Emiel Van den Bosch.

Available modules

Module 1: Introductory lectures to the Chinese herbal course (July 7th, 21th and 28th and August 4th)
(more coming soon...)



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