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Introduction to Balance Method

Masterclass: Introduction to Balance Method

This Masterclass of Introduction to Balance Method is aimed at Acupuncture Veterinarians who already have an Acupuncture base and want to expand their knowledge.

Will be on June 23th, 2020 from 13:00 to 16:30h

This course will explain step by step how to perform Balance Method as a treatment Strategy.

This course consists of 3:30h by video-conference and will be recorded just in case the attendees cannot be present and they can be followed at any time.

We will send you the support material via email and you will have a week to view the recording.

Teacher Dr. Albert Snijders.

PS: Since this Masterclass is already included in the BEVAS Acupuncture course, for those attending previous editions of the BEVAS Acupuncture course, they have the option of repeating this class for half the price.

Price and registration

  • New students

    For students who take this course for the first time

  • 90€
  • Former students

    If already taken this course and want to review concepts

  • 45€

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