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Dr. Dolores Puertas Navarro

I'm from Barcelona, Spain.

I graduated from the Barcelona Veterinary University in 1990, with a specialization in Equine medicine.

I started my acupuncture studies in 1996, attending a course for human doctors at first, because there was no veterinary course available in Spain at that time.

In 2001 I became the first IVAS diplomated veterinary acupuncturist in Spain.

In 2003 we started the IVAS acupuncture course for veterinarians in Spain, which runs until today.

I have a postgraduate diploma in Homeopathy, obtained at the Barcelona Veterinary school 1998 and am a qualified equine Chiropractor (Option for animals, Illinois, USA 2003).

In 2012 we anchored veterinary acupuncture in Spain by founding IVAS España, the official Spanish branch of IVAS.

I have lectured on veterinary acupuncture in various IVAS courses in Portugal, Chile and Belgium and made introductory classes at the universities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands.

In 2009 My husband and I published the first complete book on veterinary acupuncture in the Spanish language: “Acupuntura en Veterinaria”.



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