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Dr. Juliet Decaestecker

Dr. Juliet Decaestecker


My name is Dr. Juliet. I’m a 36 years old veterinarian from Belgium. It sounds like a stereotype but I knew that I wanted to become a veterinarian since I was a little girl.

Since I was 14 years old I knocked on other veterinarians doors to ask if I could assist them, learn. I started with holding animals, cleaning cages. People tried to persuade me to study agronomical engineering etc. but no, I enrolled my veterinary studies in the University Of Liege, Belgium. Six years later I got my diploma of ‘allopathic veterinary medicine’.

I could make great differential diagnoses and prescribe symptomatic treatment for all those diseases out there. But my life path is not a common one. During one work experience I saw a dog walking in very stiff and in pain and walking out after acupuncture needling like a young puppy… I wanted to learn more about it, placebo doesn’t exist with animals so I called a great acupuncturist Dr. Emiel Vandenbosch who was really straightforward. “You have to learn the right basics” he told me. So I went to study Chinese Medicine with the human doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists.

Together with my husband we went on a trip around the world with our own car for nearly 4 years. The red line of our project was to protect the endangered species in their natural habitat, to work with local communities to protect their ecosystem. Check it out on www.bearoundtheworld.be.

I had the chance to work in very remote areas and with amazing indigenous people and healers. It became very clear to me that everywhere in the world ancient traditional medicinal knowledge systems have so much in common : prevention, better quality of life, no harmful side effects and ‘peeling the onion’ to find the root of the problem (and yes, emotions can be the root cause…). 90% of the traditional medicines have that common base.

‘Treat the root not the symptoms of the disease and don't let the weeds come back.’ It is mainly all about prevention and this is cheaper in the long term. So I became an Integrative veterinarian and got my diploma in Chinese medicine (acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Food therapy) nine years ago from IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture) through BEVAS.

Since three years I’m happy to be one of the BEVAS teacher’s team. Sharing knowledge with other vets from all over the world is really something that gives me the kick to continue exploring and learning about traditional medicine.

Now that I’m in India I’m studying Mrugayurveda and ethno-veterinary practices at TDU Bangalore. Since two years I also use daily ethno-veterinary knowledge, herbs and Ayurveda to diagnose, treat and prevent disease in small animals.

With an allopathic mind set, our society has lost patience. Healing needs time. There is no quick magic product out there. People have to understand that the body needs time to heal in a balanced environment.

It’s a complete package I try to offer to my clients with the aim of improving the quality of life of my patients and… their owner. « Happy Pet, Happy Owner »

Alternative medicine is part of my daily life. It’s a philosophy of life. It changes your perception on our society and we never stop learning. I find it very important to make people aware that even in the city; medicine is growing in their backyard and is also available in their own kitchen.

I’m passionate about transmitting my knowledge to others because that’s how I believe I can bring a bit of change and impact positively the world for the future generation.

Traditional knowledge is like Belgian cut diamonds, it’s precious.

Dr. Juliet


Dr. Juliet Decaestecker


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