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History of BEVAS

History of BEVAS

1976: drs Luc Janssens and Jan Still made the first complete acupuncture maps for dogs, still a reference today: “Acupuncture points and meridians in the dog”

Late 1990’s: drs Emiel van Den Bosch and Jean-Yves Guray made the first complete acupuncture maps for horses: “Acupuncture points and meridians in the Horse”.

Drs Luc Janssens and Emiel van Den Bosch studied acupuncture in humans at the BVGA.

They would be accompanied by other pioneers, dr Andre Demontoy, George de Bilderling, dr Westermayer and dr Kotbauer, to actively promote Veterinary Acupuncture in Europe, all in their own particular way. Until dr Marvin Cain (USA) introduced them to IVAS, which was about to start the first structured veterinary acupuncture course in the Western world in the late 1970’s.

1984: First IVAS certified Veterinary Acupuncture course in Belgium, and Europe, organized by BEVAS.

In the same year, the first ever, international veterinary acupuncture congress was organised at the RUCA in Antwerp, Belgium with speakers from Europe, the United States of America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

In the late 1980’s a small group of veterinarians set up the legal structure of non-profit organisation for BEVAS as an official affiliate of IVAS. From the continuing educational efforts and classes in Belgium, various other European societies would emerge. Founded in term by colleagues, who studied veterinary acupuncture with us in Belgium.

Since 2013, Continuing education has become obligatory for veterinarians in Belgium. We are proud to communicate that the thorough structure of our courses allowed the Flemish Veterinary Board (N.G.R.O.D.) to accredit us official Continuing Educational credits, which are valid worldwide.





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