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IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture Course - Presentation


(theory on-line, practical labs on-site)

This new modality offers on-line sessions of 3.30 h, which start every Tuesday afternoon at 13.00h CET.

These sessions are “live” in a virtual classroom and will be recorded and accessible for the students for later review if needed. The recordings are available during one week, until the start of the next session.

In this way you will be able to learn a total new way of diagnosis and treatment of your future patients in only a small amount of time per week, allowing you to assimilate the new knowledge on one hand while at the same time advancing quite fast.

It is a new way of learning the theoretical part of acupuncture as proposed by the worldwide leading veterinary acupuncture society I.V.A.S. enjoying the fact that we bring the information to the location of your liking, instead of having to travel to a classroom.

During the sessions you will have the opportunity to ask questions through a direct chat possibility and further discussions can be done in an e-mail group.

In order to obtain the IVAS diploma, the students need to follow every module of the course. However, if you already had an acupuncture formation, you can follow individual modules of your preference to refresh or increase your knowledge.

The practical wet labs of point location on equine and/or canine on one hand, and diagnosis, treatment strategies, treatment and needling on patients on the other, will be on-site in Belgium.

Location of the practicals: G. Vandenheuvelstraat 139, 2230 Ramsel

We offer a “split track” option course

This means that you can choose your practicals as either a 100% Equine track, a 100% Canine track, or a classic 50-50% Equine- and Canine track.

Depending on your choice, you will be examined and certified by IVAS in the track of your preference.

The 2019-2020 course has been attributed: 329.5 EBP’s/PFCC/CEC points by the Belgian Veterinary Board (N.G.R.O.D) under number: EBP/N/2019/0088

Language of the course is: ENGLISH.



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