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  • Hyperadrenocorticism in a dog treated with Acupuncture

    Chanel, an entire Beagle female of 10,5 years was presented for polyuria/polydipsia and polyphagia. The diagnose of hyperadrenocorticism was made based on clinical signs and laboratory results. The TCM diagnose was Damp Heat invading the Spleen and Blood Stagnation.

  • Electro Acupuncture for Rehabilitation of a Pony with Shoulder Trauma

    Acupuncture and electro acupuncture were used in the rehabilitation program of a pony who had had a severe frontal shock at the left base of the neck and developed a lateral subluxation of the shoulder at the standing phase of the step (shoulder instability).

  • Acupuncture used to treat Glaucoma on a European Cat

    Acupuncture therapy was successfully used to help stabilize glaucoma and reduce pain on a  European cat, who was not responsive to any western treatment. Three sessions of dry needle  acupuncture therapy were performed over a month and a half.

  • Usage of Acupuncture To Treat an Old Cat with Spondylosis

    Acupuncture therapy was used to successfully treat overgrooming behaviour of the caudal back in a sixteen year old cat. Additionally, the cat shows symptoms of vomiting, varying appetite, and coughing. Spondylosis seemed to be the cause of the overgrooming behaviour.

  • Acupuncture was used to treat a dermatitis in a Belgian Shepherd

    Acupuncture was used to treat a dermatitis and vomitus in a seven years old dog. Treatment was started with western medicine, and improved the clinical findings but relapses occurred.

  • Acupuncture used to treat hindlimb paralysis in a Dachshund

    Acupuncture treatment was successfully used in a Dachshund with hindlimbs paralysis following a lumbar disc extrusion surgically treated 3 weeks earlier.

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