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Usage of Acupuncture To Treat an Old Cat with Spondylosis

Acupuncture therapy was used to successfully treat overgrooming behaviour of the caudal back in a sixteen year old cat. Additionally, the cat shows symptoms of vomiting, varying appetite, and coughing. Spondylosis seemed to be the cause of the overgrooming behaviour. Dry needle acupuncture therapy was used for treatment. With repeated acupuncture treatments the cat stopped overgrooming his back, showed less sensitivity in his back; less coughing and vomiting and has a better appetite. The treatment has improved the quality of life.

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Acupuncture was used to treat a dermatitis in a Belgian Shepherd

Acupuncture was used to treat a dermatitis and vomitus in a seven years old dog. Treatment was started with western medicine, and improved the clinical findings but relapses occurred. The traditional Chinese medicine, with the dry needling technique, resolved the symptoms with no relapse so far, and further acupuncture treatment would be done if necessary.

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Acupuncture used to treat hindlimb paralysis in a Dachshund

Acupuncture treatment was successfully used in a Dachshund with hindlimbs paralysis following a lumbar disc extrusion surgically treated 3 weeks earlier.

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Laseracupuncture used in the treatment of behaviour problems in a White Swiss Sheperd dog.

Acupuncture was used for the treatment of behaviour problems in a male White Swiss Shepperd dog of one and a half year old.  The dog was treated by means of laser acupuncture because of the difficulty of using dry needling technique. The dog was treated at regular intervals (everyone to three weeks) and improvement was noticed after each session.


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