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Why study with BEVAS?

Why study with BEVAS?

There are several good reasons to study veterinary acupuncture in our school:

1 In BEVAS we are lucky to have a rich group of teachers, each with at least 20 years of esperience in both Veterinary medicine and acupuncture. Selected for their didactic abilities we can rely on; Dr. Emiel Van Den Bosch, Dr. Albert Snijders, D. Puertas Navarro, Dr. Luna Gutierrez, Dr. Are Thoresen, Dr Kati Van Den Bosch,Dr Jorge Luque and Dr Juliet Decaestecker, all of different origin and professional background , but united by the same commitment and passion for veterinary acupuncture.

2 BEVAS was the first association in Europe which organized a comprehensive and complete training in veterinary acupuncture based on the internationally recognized format of IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society). Since the first course in 1984, we have evolved, and continue to do so, to assure the best possible training, incorporating the latest developments in veterinary acupuncture. The actual course format is a result of the continuing efforts of improvement we go through. The so called hybrid course has many benifits in our opinion. Since we have experimented with a variety of different course formats over the last 34 years hosting courses, we believe that this Hybrid format is totally up to standards of our modern times.

3 BEVAS does not only offer a basic training in veterinary acupuncture, but offers a high level of extra topics, needed in our daily practice.Next to that we offer continuing education seminars for acupuncturists who want to expand their knowledge and other subjects as Herbal medicine, Japanese veterinary acupuncture techniques and Food therapy.



Short stories

Dr. Emiel Van den Bosch

In the BEVAS course you'll find a very nice balance between scientific, traditional and useful acupuncture

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Dr. Albert Snijders

I would recommend this course to everyone who has the desire to open up their horizon, both on a professional way but also on a personal way

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