Food Therapy to treat a Jing deficiency

By Dr. Katalin Tornyi, DVM


Samy, a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was diagnosed with a Chiari-like  malformation, a common congenital malformation in the breed, after a long process. However, the  symptoms of the disease (rubbing at face, phantom scratching, change in behavior – less playful, limb  weakness) have been steadily worsening since early childhood. Finally, the MRI scan led to an  accurate Western diagnosis. All Western conservative therapies available in the country were tried  on Samy, but the owner was not entirely satisfied with the results. Finally, the methods of the TVCM  were invoked. The anamnesis and clinical examination led to the following diagnosis of TCVM: Jing  deficiency, stagnation in the skull and the spinal canal, Kidney-Yin deficiency, Liver-Qi stagnation and  Liver-Yin deficiency. Regular acupuncture treatments, herbal therapy and TCVM food therapy have  brought significant improvements in Samy’s life (its shuffling has almost completely stopped, it can  sleep through the night, and its seizures have reduced in number and frequency). Unfortunately,  Samy’s congenital condition cannot be cured, but its quality of life has been significantly improved  and some of the drugs it was previously taking have been completely eliminated and others reduced.


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