Laser treatment in a wild bird with trauma in his right leg


Dr Daniel Menendez Daras

Green Vet Center

El Salvador

whatsapp : +503 7711 4375

Approximately at 9:30 Am (Central America Time) a bird is brought into our clinic, slightly beaten and presenting signs of disorientation. Bird is broth by the barbershop workers nextdoor. Bird is classified as TURDUS GRAYI, locally known as “CHONTE”. Age: Undefined. Gender: Undefined.

Signs Presented: local pain, disorientation, unable to close beak completely. Regurgitation of contents located in crop.

Patient does not show any resistance of being held or manipulated or being moved into a cage. At the moment of placing it into respective cage, something in particular is noticed: Its right leg shows numb toes, which represents a problem when trying to use it to grasp into the logs, with that leg in particular.

Western Medical Diagnosis: Pain and post trauma swelling.

TCM Diagnosis: Meridian stagnation due to trauma.

Treatment strategy: remove meridian obstruction.

Points to be used: Bl60, Ba Feng

Acupuncture Technique: Laser

Treatment time: approximately 30-45 seconds.

*Due to laser intensity and the low tissue density, the application in Bl60 does a transfixing to Kd3, which enhances unblocking properties and paralysis correction.

Results: After 30-45 seconds of treatment, patients close beak completely, and fully recovers vitality, once contact it is attempted after treatment, patient beings showing reluctant to manipulation, to the point of flapping wings and move around the cage. Right toes are used to grasp with no difficulty at all.

Since it´s a wild species, we proceed to releasing. It does a short distance flight, re capture is attempted but is not possible, it takes off and gets lost in the woods.

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