Acupuncture; Neurophysiology and acupuncture. 
Pain and Neuropathology

In this Masterclass you will understand what the mechanism of action of acupuncture is from a scientific point of view and how acupuncture works at the level of the nervous system to treat pain more effectively.
This Masterclass consists of 3 classes of approximately 3 hours each. During these classes you will see the mechanism of action of acupuncture or the Neurophysiology of acupuncture in the first part and in the second part you will see the Neuropathology and pain, because pain is between 60 to 80% of problems that we have in our clinic.
It consists of 3 classes recorded on video, totalling nine hours of teaching. You can also download the powerpoint presentation in PDF.
Classes are distributed as follows:

Class 1

This part is intended for Veterinarian Acupuncturists who already possess an understanding of Acupuncture but want to expand knowledge about scientific acupuncture and How it works.

Class 2

Also during the lectures you will have demo cases so that you can see how to help your patients much better and to use the fusion between Western and Eastern medicine.

Class 3

By registering in this first part you will receive all the Masterclass documentation and the recordings. And here you will see about Neuropathology and pain.


Picture of Dr. Olga Martín Jurado

Dr. Olga Martín Jurado

You will have automatically access to your masterclass and you can download the notes.
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Prices and registration

New students

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Former students

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