Simple acupoints prescription flow chart based on meridian theory: A retrospective study in 102 dogs


To help the clinicians prescribe acupoints easily and effectively, we developed one simple flow chart to select acupoints. This study aimed to evaluate the usefulness of flow chart to select acupoints in dogs. Total 102 dogs showing intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) (n=12), vomiting (n=11), diarrhea (n=2), abdominal pain (n=5), cough (n=66), or epilepsy (n=6) received acupuncture treatment according to the chart, and its outcomes were evaluated as regards clinical symptoms, duration, treatment numbers, and recovery time. Dogs (8/8) with IVDD from grades I to III recovered over periods of 5 days to 6 weeks after 1-12 treatments, while 1/4 dogs with grade IV recovered over 7 weeks after 15 treatments. Vomiting dogs with acute/subacute (n=8) and chronic symptoms (n=3) required about 1 and 7 treatments to recover fully, respectively. All dogs (n=5) with abdominal pain showed fast relief within 24 hours after acupuncture. Two diarrhea cases recovered over 2-9 days after 1-2 treatments. Fifty-four of 66 coughing dogs were recovered by 1-2 treatments. And 5 of 6 epilepsy dogs under a regular acupuncture treatment had no epileptic episode during followup of 12 months. These results suggest that this flow chart can help the clinicians prescribe acupoints effectively. © 2013 Jong-Ho Jeong et al.

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