Veterinary Acupuncture Course

By the end of this Veterinary Acupuncture course, you will be well prepared to make a TCM diagnosis and able to build an acupuncture treatment strategy with confidence.

Structure of our Veterinary Acupuncture course:

The Theory

The Wet labs or hands-on

Location of the practical’s: G. Vandenheuvelstraat 139, 2230 Ramsel

We offer a “split track” option course

This means that you can choose your practical’s as either a 100% Equine track, a 100% Canine track, or a classic 50-50% Equine- and Canine track. Depending on your choice, you will be examined and certified by IVAS in the track of your preference.

In order to obtain the IVAS diploma, the students need to follow every module of the course. However, if you already had an acupuncture formation, you can follow individual modules of your preference to refresh or increase your knowledge.

The 2021-2022 course has been attributed: 329.5 EBP’s/PFCC/CEC points by the Belgian Veterinary Board (N.G.R.O.D) under number: EBP/N/2021/0179

Program Calendar


Price setting of the IVAS Hybrid course

Payments for the online part of the Hybrid course can be done per module. The payment has to be made at least one month before the start of each module by bank transfer. You will receive an invoice before the start of each module and practicals. As each module has a different amount of lecture hours and subjects, the price of the modules varies.

All modules

All modules

168 hours
  • (+ sales tax (VAT) when applicable)


Module I

24,5 hours
  • (+ sales tax (VAT) when applicable)

Module II

59,5 hours
  • (+ sales tax (VAT) when applicable)

Module III

28 hours
  • (+ sales tax (VAT) when applicable)

Module IV

31,5 hours
  • (+ sales tax (VAT) when applicable)

Module V

24,5 hours
  • (+ sales tax (VAT) when applicable)



Onsite Sessions – 1
Onsite Sessions – 2
Onsite Sessions – 3

The price for these labs is 150€ (+ VAT when applicable) for each day, coffee and lunch included.

These prices do not include the cost of the IVAS exam at the end of the course either (on-line theoretical- and on-site practical part), which will also be calculated as mentioned above.

At the beginning of the course it is difficult to determine the price for taking the exam. As soon as the total number of participants is known, we will forward this information as soon as possible.


Payments made a month before the start of the course are non refundable.

Student Testimonials

Dr. Eva Jonville
This guys, they know how to teach
Dr. Saskia Wauters
I would recommend this course to almost every veterinarian